he.len·ticu·lar (he len tikyo̵̅o̅ lər): of or pertaining to Helen




My name is Helen, I am 30 years old and I currently live in Wellington, New Zealand.  I live here with my husband (gack that makes me sound old) and my cat.  My two other fur-babies (poochies) are in Toowoomba, Australia with my folks while we sell our house over here so we can move to Australia.  I miss them terribly.  And yes, I really do at times talk like a crappy olde worlde novella.

I am a trained horticulturist and veterinary nurse, so love plants and animals (probably more than I do people, to be fair), and have worked in retail, hospitality and most recently administration (all bored me to tears within a few months).  I never really worked out what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I'm still trying to find out what that is.

This blog is really just and excuse for me to ramble on about shit that happens to me, what I think about and observe and what it is I like to do. Like my mind, it will no doubt be all over the show, so start wherever you like.

And I love to swear.