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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thank Crap for That!

I now have a working shower. It's only been SEVEN MONTHS but it's finally back to working.

A little background here - husband (henceforth know as 'B') dropped glass into vanity sink - glass didn't break, but vanity did (WTF?). Had to replace vanity. At time of going to replace vanity, decided to fix hole in wall of dodgy-arsed shower-over-bath (old house, so pre-dates showers). On trying to fix hole, noticed water had permeated most of gib (drywall). Fuck. Vanity installation on hold.

"Well, we'll re-gib" says I.

So off comes gib.

"Maybe we should move the plumbing to the other wall so the shower is actually bigger and doesn't have window in it" says B.

If only I hadn't listened. Dreaming about a luxurious shower with no curtain sticking to your arse every morning certainly impairs your judgement.

Talk about scope creep. I think B and I have the monopoly on that. We ended up:
1. removing/replacing majority of walls
2. completely re-plumbing the bathroom (ourselves no less - amazing what youtube can teach you)
3. replacing the bath, the cradle and floor under the bath (from previous leaky shower)
4. plastering all drywall/gib oursleves
5. waterproofing and tiling wall above bath for shower
6. installing new glass swing door and all shower/bath fixtures

I still have painting to do, replacing skirting & cornicing, putting in a new light fixture, shelf and towel rail and instaling the new vanity (yes, the very same vanity that started this whole sodding debacle).

Looking back at the progress photos I have taken along the way makes me very, very tired. But it is all worth it (at least that's what I am telling myself) and of course is all happening just in time for us to sell the house. Typical.

Eventually I will add the photies to here, and add posts on all the other crap I have been doing (i.e painting the outside of house, refurbing kitchen etc) which I have been doing for the past couple of months alongside the bathrom.

I am actually pretty proud of what both myself and B have achieved - but I never EVER want to do this much work on a house again. I think B is finally coming around to my way of thinking - that is: living in a fucking caravan.

Though could be hard with two dogs and a cat, but I'm sure we'd cope.


  1. Hilarious! Always the way with home improvements.

    Hopefully, your shower will be worth it!

  2. The vanity is so vain. And probably thinks this blog is about it. Don't you, don't you, don't you ...