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Monday, 10 May 2010

Coming to a close

I quit work about 3 months ago, with the aim of getting the house ready for sale within 6 weeks. What an eye opener it has been. Literally every part of me aches - my hands in particular - and I want to do nothing more than spend about a month on a beach somewhere reading books and drinking plonk. Even with me not earning and income, we have still saved ourselves literally thousands of dollars by doing the work ourselves (B when he can - I won't touch anything electrical!), probably to the tune of $6K. Not small fry by any means. And I have learnt so much - not only about DIY, but what I am seemingly capable of. All round, it's been a good experience.

But sitting on a beach (or anywhere for that matter) is going to have to wait for another couple of months at least, as I have about 2 weeks left to finish the house and garden (so excited to be done with it all!) and then at the very least a month for the actual selling/settling of the house. With any luck, someone will come and buy our little box on a hill, pay us some exhorbitant amount of money (a girl can dream) and we can finally leave for warmer climes and be reunited with our canine loved ones in Australia.

I just don't know where I actually want to live next - the plan is Brisbane, but I know virtually nothing about the place except that it is warm and it is a nice looking city. There do seem to be jobs there for both me and B, I just don't really have any clue outside of that. I guess there's always going back to Melbourne as an option as we love the city, but the weather can really be quite shite - one of the main reasons for leaving Wellington. Meh, I'm not worried though - in the end it just all tends to sort itself out.

I just don't know what I will do with all my spare time once I'm done with the house. I might even have time to read one of the about 10 books I have laying around being neglected - sounds like a plan Stan.


  1. I propose you move somewhere lovely, vibrant and chock full of awesome restaurants where, say, an American blogger might be inclined to show up on your doorstep unannounced, crash on your couch indefinitely and inevitably overstay my - ahem - her welcome. (I know how much you value my input.)

  2. That does sound like a plan. Would somewhere like, say Brisbane, suit this hypothetical American? It's warm, lots of arty stuff, beaches and bronzed bods. Could be worse ;)